The EOSC-Life Workflow Collaboratory for the Life Sciences




FAIR data, digital objects, Computational Workflows, Data Intensive Bio-Science, Fair Workflows, Fair Software


Workflows have become a major tool for the processing of Research Data, for example, data collection and data cleaning pipelines, data analytics, and data update feeds populating public archives. The EOSC-Life Research Infrastructure Cluster project brought together Europe’s Life Science Research Infrastructures to create an Open, Digital and Collaborative space for biological and medical research to develop a cloud-based Workflow Collaboratory. As adopting FAIR practices extends beyond data, the Workflow Collaboratory drives the implementation of FAIR computational workflows and tools. It fosters tool-focused collaborations and reuse via the sharing of data analysis workflows and offers an ecosystem of services for researchers and workflow specialists to find, use and reuse workflows. It’s web-friendly Digital Object Metadata Framework, based on RO-Crate and Bioschemas, supports the description and exchange of workflows across the services.


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