RDM Compas: Building Competencies for the Professional Curation of Research Data





RDM Competencies, Data Curation, Knowledge Base


“RDM Compas: Research Data Management Competence Base”, consisting of an education and training centre with modular online trainings on the one hand, and a comprehensive knowledge base covering all topics of curation-specific RDM on the other hand. In addition, a certification option is envisioned for curation-specific RDM competencies.

In the context of our presentation, due to the advanced state of work we want to focus on the knowledge base and present its structure and elements. The structural basis is a slightly simplified version of the Data Curation Lifecycle Model [2] offered by the UK Digital Curation Centre [3]. This lifecycle describes both the basic activities and the sequential process steps of data curation and therefore provides a helpful schema for teaching the necessary RDM competencies.


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