Knowledge Graph Based RDM Solutions

NFDI4Culture - NFDI-MatWerk - NFDI4DataScience




Semantics, Knowledge Graphs, Ontology


Based on our experience within the NFDI4Culture and NFDI-MatWerk projects we propose generalized knowledge graph based research data management solutions, which are applicable to other consortia. Our solution covers the construction of a common NFDI core ontology adapted to specific domains via domain extensions as a basis for a knowledge graph (KG) providing information about a consortium and its related research data and software resources. This KG serves as a backend for the web portal that enables interactive access and management of this data. Already implemented for NFDI4Culture and to be adapted by NFDI-MatWerk, this solution might serve as an example solution also for other consortia. We are synchronizing our efforts with ongoing work to implement knowledge graph based research data management in NFDI4DataScience.


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Sack, H., Schrade, T., Bruns, O., Posthumus, E., Tietz, T., Norouzi, E., … Mutschke, P. (2023). Knowledge Graph Based RDM Solutions: NFDI4Culture - NFDI-MatWerk - NFDI4DataScience. Proceedings of the Conference on Research Data Infrastructure , 1.
Received 2023-04-26
Accepted 2023-06-29
Published 2023-09-07

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