Connecting the Dots

The Helmholtz Research Data Ecosystem and its Links to the NFDI




The Helmholtz Centers operate scientific-technical infrastructures that produce a high volume of digital research data, making Helmholtz a hub for expertise in research data. With the rapid digital transformation and growing volume of data, Helmholtz has implemented relevant policies and engaged in NFDI in various ways to manage and use research data effectively.

The Helmholtz Information & Data Science Incubator, in particular the HMC and HIFIS platforms, contribute to these networking activities. The Helmholtz Open Science Office organized several internal forums for Helmholtz members to discuss NFDI, their findings will be presented at the Conference on Research Data Infrastructure (CoRDI).

Helmholtz' multifaceted commitment to research data infrastructure is closely related to NFDI activities. The presentation at CoRDI will demonstrate how a large national research data ecosystem can be successfully connected to the NFDI network, highlighting opportunities for future collaboration.


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Received 2023-04-26
Accepted 2023-06-29
Published 2023-09-07